Louis Chinn aka Jyun Jyun, is a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in murals, installation, music production and performance. His work explores the theme of transformation as both an aesthetic quality and experience for the participants and communities involved. Through public art and performance, he is dedicated to the cause of making art an accessible and essential experience, regardless of social position. He believes that art is a vehicle for cultivating individual and collective imagination and a tool to recreate socio-cultural narratives and mythology. Drawing influence from his mixed race heritage, upbringing in indigenous Alaska and international travels, he creates work that evokes new narratives of migration and diaspora, reminding us of our connections to heritage, the earth and each other. As a teaching artist, he dedicated over a decade to innovating community building and social justice programs for youth, utilizing art and music as a means of empowerment and discovery.

Louis’s multi-sensory installations and performances seamlessly weave visual art, music and digital technology into immersive, ritualistic experiences. These works explores the boundaries of cross cultural pollination, new forms of acoustic-electronic hybridity and relationship between nature and technology to create a synthesis of profound connections. A true arts innovator, his philosophy, imaginative work and teaching skill communicate across a broad cultural spectrum - garnering domestic and international support in museums, organizations, businesses and government agencies across the U.S., Mexico and China. Recent exhibitions and performances include the SFMOMA, SF Asian Art Museum, Berkeley Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Asian Art Museum, Xucun Arts Center in China, SOMArts Cultural Center and more.