Louis Chinn is a visual artist, multi-instrumentalist music producer and art education specialist.   His work explores the theme of transformation as both a visual quality and experience for the participants and communities involved. Through public art, activism and education, he is deeply dedicated to the cause of making art a free and essential experience, regardless of one’s social positioning.   He believes that art, as a form of process and experience, is a vehicle for individual and collective imagination and alchemizing growth through the recreation of underlying mythology and narratives. 

Through his business Bi Hua Arts, he has dedicated over a decade to innovating community building and social justice programs for youth that utilize art as a means of empowerment, transformation and discovery.  His artistic philosophy, teaching skill and imaginative artwork communicate across a broad socio-economic and cultural spectrum: having landed him in a host of schools, non profit organizations, businesses and governments agencies.  Outside of public art, Louis creates multi-sensory and new media installation work.  His most recent works attempt to lift the veil of perception by uniting unseen and disparate forces through co-creative, immersive experiences.   Likewise, as a musician he creates audio-visual installation work and recordings under the moniker Jyun Jyun, where he explores the boundaries of cross cultural pollination and new forms of acoustic-electronic hybridity.