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ANiMA is an mesmerizing exploration of ancestry, tradition, nature, and technology. Jyun Jyun and missTANGQ perform live global electronic music together with stunning projected animation, shadow dancing and puppetry using spectacular masks and costumes. An expedition of multi-sensory time travel, the show transforms ancestral traditions into ritual futurisms - as audiences participate in the co-creation of narratives that expand cultural identity and global community. ANiMA adapts ancient myth into contemporary performance aimed at healing our urban disconnection, through a deep reverence for nature and mystery. Using cutting-edge technology, interactive visuals respond directly to the performer’s bodies, creating a union of digital and organic movement. The stage itself is an altar, where audience members are invited to offer handmade crafts to pay homage to their stories and participate in a culminating dance party.
A testament of transnational migration and cultural interchange, the show urges viewers to consider the meaning of home and place in the borderlands of human experience. In the current climate of anti-immigration and divisive socio-political forces, ANiMA reminds us that ancestral wisdom and earth-based practices can be a compass, a guiding mythos to help navigate our humanity and harness the power of ritual and communion.

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